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If you have a few dollars to give, or if you have land, a house, a car to give, we'll help you get it to those who need it.  Help for Texans, by Texans and those who love them.

Academy of Texas Music, Inc.
  The Academy exists to recognize Texas talent, develop and fund music education programs, provide scholarships, and to provide benevolent assistance to musicians in catastrophic need.
American Red Cross
  The American Red Cross exists to help those in need during catastrophic times.  Helping with disasters all over the world, the Red Cross also helps with preparedness in every area. Your donation will be to the Dallas, Texas chapter.
Community Services of Northeast Texas, Inc.
  A local social service organization that helps those in need.  CSNT operates Head Start centers, outreach centers, energy assistance programs, food banks, and home meal delivery programs over a five county area in Texas.  Counties served are Camp, Cass, Marion, Morris, and Bowie.
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary
  This charitable organization in Boyd, Texas, takes care of animals who have been abandoned, seized, or injured.  They specialize in big cats.  They also have bears and other animals.  They are always in need of funds to care for these animals and you can visit the facility and see the animals for yourself.

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